Analysis of polyphenols include:

  • Sample extraction
  • Fractionation of extracts or mixtures
  • Sample screening by chromatographic techniques
  • Measurement of total phenolic content in a sample
  • Measurement of total anthocyanins in a sample
  • Measurement of relative amounts of individual phenolic in a sample
  • Measurement of total water, either as crystalline water or water liquid
  • Isolation of specific compounds


The analytical services are based on techniques involving the following instrumentation:

  • TLC
  • UV/Vis
  • Karl-Fisher
  • LCMS


In addition to ordinary chemical analysis, Polyphenols AS takes part in several customer projects. Our research are involved directly in the R&D part of the projects, with special attention to the analytical part of the work. The projects may involve on-site meetings with customers, participation in strategic planning, presentations etc.